About Us

Grace Christian School


Grace Christian School is a private school which stresses a Christ-centered, high academic curriculum. Our philosophy, teaching and standards are based upon the Bible. Grace Christian School is an extension of Grace Baptist Church.

Founded in 1970, Grace Christian School has a goal to provide a quality Christian education in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning at a price parents can afford. Affordable tuition, reasonable family discounts and several different payment options are available to parents during the school year.

 Organized activities, special events, and memories that last a lifetime can be discovered at Grace Christian School. Graduates of Grace Christian school can be found today working in the private sector as well as full time Christian service. Grace Christian School is conveniently located near Walmart between Morehead
City and Havelock and would love the opportunity to have you stop by, ask questions or even tour Grace Christian School.

Grace Christian School wants to provide the best in academic instruction with a strong Christian emphasis!


The school reinforces what we teach at home.  I have personally seen the quality of education attained by graduates of Grace Christian School.

I know the level of commitment these teachers have for their students.  Top quality academics and the focus on biblical principles make the decision to send our children to Grace Christian School a “no brainer”.

The faculty at Grace Christian School is amazing.  They have a genuine love for the children and education.  They strive to go above and beyond for them all.  

We love the school and greatly appreciate all the teachers.  Thank you for everything!  We know our children’s souls are safe here.  We appreciate the good advice they get here.